Bear Power I
The Bear Power Dryer I (#BPD-1) C-ETL-US certified is a powerful 2 hp, 2-speed pet/dog dryer. The breakthrough technology of the B-Air Bear Power Dryer brings natural heating and quiet, insulated operation.
Bear Power II
CE Certified The B-Air Bear Power Dryer II (#BPD-2) C-ETL-US certified offers excellent drying power and tremendous value.
Grizzly 1/3 HP
The B-Air GRIZZLY 1/3 HP Blower (#GP-33) comes in a 1/3HP Motor with 3 Speeds and 4 Positions, including a swing-out kickstand and is fully stackable.
Grizzly 1 HP
The B-Air GRIZZLY Blowers (#GP-1) come in a 1HP Motor with 3 speeds and 4 positions, including a swing-out kickstand! They come standard with a 2" Velcro around the outlet opening.
Cub 1/4 HP
The"Cub" #CP-1 B-Air Blower is one of the most versatile 1/4HP Blowers on the market today designed to inflate ornamental advertising structures with ease and flexibility.
Den Drying Kit
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