Kodiak 1HP
The New 1HP Kodiak Blower (#KP-1) from B-Air is the latest in the efficiency of amps and space usage in order to obtain the highest possible static pressure and CFM.
Kodiak 1.5 HP
True to its name, the new Kodiak 1.5 HP is B-Air’s latest most powerful innovation in a 1.5 HP blower.
Grizzly 1/3 HP
The B-Air GRIZZLY 1/3 HP Blower (#GP-33) comes in a 1/3HP Motor with 3 Speeds and 4 Positions, including a swing-out kickstand and is fully stackable.
Grizzly 1 HP
The B-Air GRIZZLY Blowers (#GP-1) come in a 1HP Motor with 3 speeds and 4 positions, including a swing-out kickstand! They come standard with 5cm Velcro around the outlet opening.
Koala 1/4, 1/2 HP
Don't let the size of the B-Air Koalas fool you! The Koala ½ HP Blower, for example is ideal for inflating the smaller play structures like a 13 X 13 Bounce House or smaller home use Inflatables.
Cub 1/4 HP
The"Cub" #CP-1 B-Air Blower is one of the most versatile 1/4HP Blowers on the market today designed to inflate ornamental advertising structures with ease and flexibility.
Big Bear 3/4 HP
The Big Bear Model # BB-1 Fan is an extremely versatile fan for virtually any kind of advertising use, due to its powerful ¾ HP motor and its 0-90 degree angle positioning feature.
Big Bear II 3/4 HP
The Big Bear Model # BB-2 Vortex Fan is an extremely powerful fan for virtually any kind of advertising use, due to it's powerful ¾ HP motor and it's uniquely designed fan blades.
Kodiak 2 HP
New for 2011, the 2 HP Kodiak blower (MODEL #KP-2) is the latest high efficiency B-Air designed blower for commercial* use.
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