About us

For the past 12 years Intertex, Inc / B-Air Blowers has been developing and manufacturing various types of Fans, Blowers, Dryers and Exhaust systems for many different industries throughout the world.
We pride ourselves in offering top quality air movers, manufactured in our state of the art factories backed up with an award winning customer service department.
After carefully studying the Inflatable Industry, we first developed the B-Air Model #BP-1 to meet the requirements of the Inflatable Industry. The # BP-1 was the first of many air blowers that has become available in the B-Air family of blowers, and in turn has lead us to develop and expand the line to various different air blowers /movers catering to different industries.
Thank you for visiting our web site. If you need assistance to determine, which blowers are best suited for your specific needs please contact us.
B-Air Australia has been a distributor for five years.
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